Sunday, November 14, 2004

Thomas Pynchon guest voiced on The Simpsons tonight. What a strange and wonderful world we live in.

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Report from Falluja. Maj. Gen. Richard Natonski, the top Marine commander in Iraq: "People will never appreciate the movement of soldiers down here, what it took to move them and immediately conduct a relief in place with the soldiers. It ought to go down in the history books."

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Sad but true: I still use IE...and I just found out my mom uses Mozilla.

Insult to injury: when I commented on her browser choice, she said she was thinking of switching to Firefox.

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Julie Leung: How can we create civic space?

Related: Here's Portland city commissioner Randy Leonard on the power of local blogs (via Politics & Technology).

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We caught the opening of the Weatherspoon Museum's Art on Paper show last night. Definitely worth checking out the show, and it was a lively party, too...

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N&R op-ed chief Allen Johnson quotes Hogg's Blog in this morning's column...our regional blog conference this summer drew creative minds to Greensboro from Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Charlotte...Jeff Thigpen is making the transition from campaign blogger to office-holding blogger...

...but the big N&R Ideas section package on a creative economy (summarized here) talks only about top-down stuff...we need the corporate and foundation leadership, but we also need to recognize our creative strengths where they emerge, not just where the big money hangs out.

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"Now comes the fight for the soul of the Republican Party."

My newspaper column this morning is about the push by religious conservatives for control of the national agenda, and the pressure on the GOP to both honor and constrain its most socially conservative element.

Said conservative strategist Richard Viguerie in The New York Times, "Now comes the revolution."

Revolution? Well, you know, we all want to change the world, but is that what most Republicans signed up for? None of it sounds very conservative to me. Wall Street and Main Street endorsed the war and lower taxes. Did they also vote for this?

Read the whole thing.

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