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Monday, November 04, 2002
Election Results
Utah election results will be posted online tomorrow in real time.  Actually, some results are already in.  Must be the absentee ballots.
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Trade and Investment Opportunities

In 1987, I did some work with the Washington Department of Trade and Economic Development, International Investment Division.  At the time, everything was a lot of work in terms of discovering opportunities, communicating with partners, sharing information, etc.  Today, the U.S. Overseas Private Investment Corporation provides all kinds of opportunity information online.  What you find is current and regularly updated.  Utah companies should take advantage of this information to engage in the global economy.

OPIC Newsletter

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Performance-based Electronic Government

In a meeting this morning with the Utah Department of Natural Resources, State CIO Phil Windley discussed the importanced of measuring what is really important to the organization.  Last week, the Performance Institute released a report entitled Creating a Performance Based Electronic Government.  The report, which is focused on federal initiatives, states,

Putting aside the buzz around e-government these reports have created, no comprehensive initiative to date has examined the "business case" behind e-government initiatives—whether and how e-government investments are resulting in improved services for the taxpayer. Moreover, no initiative has catalogued the various ways government agencies are defining and measuring e-government contributions to agency missons.

It needs to be done, but we need to be careful doing it.  The reporting should then be followed up with strategy creation that identifies weaknesses, creates the proper marketing structure, and looks at restructuring opportunities to achieve greater payback.

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Another Utah Government Weblog
I just discovered Craig Neilson's great new weblog entitled, Utah Government Information Weblog.  Craig is the Information Resources manager for the State Library.
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Jobs.utah.gov Rollout

Governor Leavitt just introduced the new rollout of jobs.utah.gov, a website designed to reduce unemployment throughout the state.  The rollout was done at UPS where 200 new seasonal jobs are available, all online through the website.  Not only can people get online to search and apply for jobs, but employers have all kinds of functionality to view the applicant pool.  The Department of Workforce Services has also created online services for managing unemployment insurance for both employers and unemployed workers.

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E-Government in Energy

DOE recently released its E-Government Strategic Action Plan.  Of interest is DOE's emphasis on digital signatures and the definition of communities of interest with the goal of focusing services towards defined customer groups.

They also put up a nice website documenting their history and accomplishments on the department's 25th anniversary.

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