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Wednesday, November 27, 2002
Robb Recovers
John Robb just recovered from a crash.  Wow, I hate those kind of things.  As a result he is now into a new template and just doesn't look the same anymore.  He pauses to remember Thanksgiving in Madrid.  I remember spending Christmas one year in Alcoy with Gerardo Story who had escaped Holland during the war, joined the U.S. Army and later moved to Spain where he developed an extremely successful textile business.  He would have loved today's technology with the ability to easily extend your business globally.
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Electronic Fleet Services
A recent article in Automotive Fleet magazine discusses how the State of Utah is using automation to improve the management of fleet assets.  Fleet operations comprise a significant investment for state government and present an opportunity for cost savings if managed efficiently.  Currently, Utah manages over 7500 vehicles in its centralized fleet management system. 
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RSS in Government?
Just discovered this item in the Mercury News on RSS.  Michael Bazely states, "Even government has discovered RSS as a way to share press releases, documents and data with the public and other bureaucrats."  The implication is that government is slow and cumbersome and not very technologically savvy.   Bazely also mentions the Utah State Library's excellent tutorial on RSS.  If you work for the State, be sure to sign up for one of the Library's classes on publishing to the web.
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Building the Wireless Network

We have some very interesting plans to extend the WAN to the WWAN in ways that could add tremendous value to customers if they desire.  The critical issue remains that of securing the network.  Here are some important resources:

Who are some of the government agency users that should take advantage of the statewide WWAN?

  • Law enforcement, including Utah Highway Patrol - officers will be able to file reports and access homeland security information from just about anywhere in the state
  • Agriculture inspectors
  • Wildlife officers
  • Transportation / highway workers
  • Public health workers

The network is being extended at a relatively small cost due to our ability to leverage the existing WAN infrastructure.  ITS is also continuing to look at ways to cooperate with UEN and other initiatives like Utopia and Utah Valley Community Network.

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