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Monday, November 03, 2003

The 2004 Fuel Economy Guide is available now on FuelEconomy.gov.  The document includes information on OEM alternative fuel vehicles.  DOE also wants to help you find the cheapest gasIn Utah, prices are now as low as $1.41 a gallon.

I was surprised to discover how many power plants there are in California.  Equally interesting is this map of plants that are expected or pending.  I was always impressed with the array of wind turbines going over the Tehachapi Pass and in the hills between Stockton and Oakland.  Here's a map of California's wind resources.  By the way, you can apply online for a position with the Schwarzenegger administration.

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The National Archives has created a beautiful online exhibit called the Charters of FreedomListen to President Truman talk about the US Constitution or create a copy of the Declaration of Independence with your name added to the original signers in your choice of script.

The Archives is also sponsoring an interesting poll to register opinions regarding the 100 most influential documents in American history.  You can vote on documents like the Federalist Papers, the Treaty of Paris, and the Gettysburg Address.  Voting lasts through December 1st.

Check out biographical sketches of participants at the Constitutional Convention.

The US Dept. of Interior has also upgraded their website.

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