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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I just got back from the inauguration and I get a call from politicsnationwide.com asking when the new Lt. Governor's site is going to be up.  Well, we didn't even know who the new Lt. Governor was going to be a week or so ago, since Gov. Leavitt just got confirmed 8 days ago - and now he's on his way to Washington.  I wish him well.  He has been an excellent ambassador for Utah and for technology.  He will hit the ground running at the EPA.  Governor Olene Walker (her site was up the minute she took office) will be identifying several new eGov / technology initiatives in the next few days that will demonstrate that she intends to make an impact in the next year.

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Election results for yesterday's municipal elections are found on the State Elections Office website.

The Salt Lake City Council has overturned Salt Lake Recorder Gary Ott and will respond to bulk record requests.

The Navy is evaluating the use of blogs for project management.

The city of Beijing has launched its first English-language eGov site.  The site, entitled Beijing International, is oriented towards tourists and business people visiting the city.  It comes on the 20th anniversary of a speech by Deng Xiaoping calling for China to embrace foreign expertise as a way to modernize China.  You can learn a lot of important things on this site like:

"A foreigner, who owns an independent house and wants to purchase a small-sized dog as a pet, should submit an application to a local public security institution.  The eligible applicant should purchase a pet dog in a legal pet market with a pet dog purchasing certificate issued by a district or county's public security authority together with a pet dog keeping permit."

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