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Friday, November 07, 2003

This morning, Governor Olene Walker signed her first executive order, officially creating the Utah Wireless Integrated Network (UWIN).  The UWIN board met earlier this morning to discuss technologies and initiatives that will be part of phase I of the project which brings together a diverse array of interests including public safety, health, education, the national guard, local government, etc. to create one of the most progressive, interoperable networks in the country.  See the press release for more information or watch KSL's coverage of the announcement.  Governor Walker also announced that e-government would continue to be a priority during her administration.  Chris Clark of the Associated Press also covered the announcement.

Here's the Executive Order creating UWIN.

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All of the presentations from the October Wind and Solar Power workshops have been posted to wind.utah.gov.  A $143 million wind park is being completed near the Utah-Wyoming border.  The park will provide enough energy to power about 45,000 homes.
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Article in Government Technology magazine reviews some of the details of the Utah.gov portal and its creation.

The UN's Global Forum on Re-Inventing Government, held this week in Mexico, makes recommendations for national governments to push forward with eGov initiatives.  The UN released a new report at the conference entitled "E-Government at the Crossroads."  The report states that security and privacy issues have discouraged many from using online government services which has resulted in low adoption rates.  It also includes a ranking of nations based on e-readiness, defined as the provision of government services and products online, combined with extensive telecom infrastructure and public education.  Here are the top 10:

  1. United States
  2. Sweden
  3. Australia
  4. Denmark
  5. Britain
  6. Canada
  7. Norway
  8. Switzerland
  9. Germany
  10. Finland

Korea is working hard to break into the top 10.

Mike Leavitt was sworn in as the EPA administrator yesterday.  He "immediately began a vigorous schedule of meetings with agency staff and management, pledged to seek collaboration in the application of a "balanced set of environmental principles" to protect the nation's environment."

Duncan Smeed reports that shipments of Bluetooth products have now surpassed one million units per week.  He also references Java Bluetooth, a resource for developing Bluetooth applications with Java.

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