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Friday, November 14, 2003

Cisco released a study yesterday that identifies the benefits associated with implementation of wireless LANs.  Sixty-nine percent of government organizations surveyed now have wireless LANs in production.  This is behind every other sector included in the study and is up from 59% in 2001.  Thirty percent of industries surveyed are now deploying WLANs company wide.  Even though the adoption of WLANs is lower overall in government, it appears that government was also an early adopter with 39% of those with WLANs in place having deployed for over 2 years.  Contentious issues in government continue to be security and cost.  Another interesting point is the fact that government is leading all sectors in terms of outdoor wireless bridge deployment.
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The Utah Education Network (UEN) works with KUED to produce a monthly press conference with the Governor.  Governor Walker's first news conference on KUED was last night.  This is also the first time that UEN is making the news conference available in streaming video.  The quality is very good, even in full screen format if you have a broadband connection.
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