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Monday, December 01, 2003

Two of Utah's most popular national parks (Bryce Canyon and Arches) are now using the same campground reservation service as Utah's state parks.

Complete results of the E-Governance Institute study of 100 cities.  The Institute is part of the National Center for Public ProductivityMarc Holzer, past president of ASPA, recently edited a book entitled Building Good Governance: Reforms in Seoul.  Text of the entire book is available online.

There are some interesting articles in the Winter issue of Public CIO.  Among them:

Sweetwater County, Wyoming signs e-911 contract with Qwest.

Directions Magazine recently published this article that identifies the spatial issues associated with E-911.

The FCC is debating tax policy for VoIP.

EPA administrator Mike Leavitt recognizes smart growth winners

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Some new interest and excitement on e-governance coming out of the Bio Bio region of Chile. Jane Fontain, author of Building the Virtual State, visited Chile on November 14th. I'm not sure if that is what initiated this new interest, but I hope it can launch Chile into the forefront of e-government thought and innovation. I would love to see that coming from Latin America.  Concepcion, Chile's second largest city, is the regional capital.

Boris Carikeo has started a blog on technology, public policy, and society. Boris informs us that the IACD and OAS are sponsoring a course on the formulation of e-government strategies.

Karin Quiero has started an interesting blog on psychology and social policy. I am looking forward to some interesting content and ideas coming from these two sources.

The Association of Municipalities for Local Economic Development is an example of progressive use of the web for local government cooperation in the Bio Bio region.

Reykjavik wants to be the first city in the world with fiber to every home. They will have to compete with iProvo.

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