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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

According to a report from the IRS Oversight Board, efile continues to experience significant annual growth rates, although last year's growth rate of 12.5% was the lowest in five years.  Overall, 52.2 million returns were filed electronically last year.  That is significant enough for the IRS to close several processing centers.  I don't understand why anyone would want to file any other way.

Other Interesting Stuff

Wisconsin CIO Matthew Miszewski predicts [their new egov intiative] would be "a revolution in the way the state delivers services." He said nearly every state is working toward a similar shared information system, but "I'd say we're pretty far ahead of the pack."

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The annual "No child left behind" yearly progress reports are now available to be searched on the Utah Dept. of Education website.  The reports are very simple, one page for each school with a "yes" or "no" as to whether the school passed the requirements.
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Several years ago, we developed a statewide contract for a procurement card.  Since then, 9 of 10 public colleges and universities have adopted procurement cards.  It is an important part of e-government, facilitating online purchases.  Yesterday, the legislative auditor published an audit of higher ed's use of procurement cards.  Although they stated that they find no evidence of fraud or abuse, they did mention several concerns.  The recommendations should actually apply to any type of procurement, not just those made with a procurement card.  The audit did recognize that p-cards can improve purchasing efficiencies.  Overall, the p-card appears to be a success for state government.  I know that on the occasion where I have made online purchases, it has been very helpful. 

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