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Friday, December 19, 2003

The Courts Newsroom is a new site that aggregates a variety of news feeds, mostly related to appellate court cases and decisions, together with a number of Utah news feeds.

The American Society for Public Administration now does a weekly "Top 10 on the Web"

Phil Wolff has complete information on all the 2003 weblog awards.

In a department product management meeting, Doug Stout suggested that RSS might be a good format for bid solicitations.  That's a possibility.  If major government procurement offices all used it, potential vendors could subscribe to whatever feeds they were interested in, it could easily be ported to wireless platforms, perhaps broken down by product types.  You could also go the other way, providing RSS feeds for bid awards for potential buyers within the organization - this would be much more effective than the monthly newsletter that is currently produced to summarize bid awards. 

Procurement offices should also be tracking (if not already implementing) Electronic Procurement Standardization supported by OASIS groups.  This should be on every agenda of the National Association of State Procurement Officers who I don't see represented anywhere in the OASIS projects.  Maybe NASPO could use a group blog to update the newsbriefs on their website - that hasn't been done since May 2002.

The Alchemy project at the University of Utah is being supported by DARPA.

Los Alamos has developed this online HIV/SIV database, selected as a pick of the week by Science magazine.

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