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Thursday, December 18, 2003

The Utah Communications Agency Network (UCAN) is hosting a Public Safety Communications Interoperability Conference at the Sheraton City Centre Hotel in Salt Lake on January 22. The conference is being hosted by SAFECOM (Dept of Homeland Security). The agenda will soon be posted on the UWIN WebSite: www.uwin.utah.gov.  Governor Walker has confirmed that she will deliver the keynote address.
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Al Bonnyman does a great job of covering news of municipal broadband developments around the country and he's been giving a lot of ink to Utah lately.  He points to an article by Karl Bode of Broadband Reports that states that Utah is at the center of the nation's largest broadband political debate.  Al also pointed out this article in today's issue of New Utah discussing Lindon's participation in the UTOPIA project.
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I will be looking at some of my favorite cities from time to time (globally and in the U.S.) to see what ideas might be gleaned to improve our own websites. 


Sevilla, in my mind is the most typical of all Spanish cities.  Their municipal portal tries to portray a sense of being progressive with its use of flash in the introduction as well as the header and other visuals.  Its use of frames could be a problem, especially when bookmarking and linking to specific pages beyond the portal itself.  Content is up-to-date with features on the new metro (including online surveys, photos, etc.), the 2004 International Music Festival (featuring nine unique performances of Carmen), and the Christmas festivals (Sevilla is a party town -nothing beats April in Seville).  The city has a dynamic online traffic information system, but it is not graphical - it just lists the streets (color coded to represent the traffic flow at a given time).  Interactive services are very basic, but well designed.


Trying to figure out what is Prague's official site is difficult, Prague.cz?, Praha.czPIS.cz appears to be official, but it is the home of the Prague Information Service and is directed at tourists and outsiders. A-ZPrague.cz is of the same mold.

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