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Thursday, December 04, 2003

The Utah Division of Information Technology Services held an openhouse this afternoon to demonstrate some of its existing and new services.  They also unveiled their new website which is now live.  Governor Walker dropped by for a surprise visit and was very interested in many of the new products and services.  She also did a quick tour of the state's data center.

Governor Walker visits with Darrus McBride
Darrus is the project manager for the Utah Master Directory which is now ready to provide centralized authentication services for a host of online applications and services such as UNIS, the state's new emergency alert and notification system being developed by the Utah Department of Health.
Governor Walker with Eva Cornish, the State's central email administrator
The state is moving to the Groupwise 6.5 client which Eva is demonstrating to the governor and has all kinds of new functional capabilities.
Microwave and Wireless Services
Governor Walker and Floyd Ritter, Senior Wireless Planner discuss how ITS is creating a redundant network statewide, that will eliminate any single point of failure.
Hole in One
Rick Gee, network security expert with the ITS looks for a hole in one.  Rick is promoted a statewide solution to network security that will address the needs of wireless users who will log in to the network through a secure, encrypted, UMD-enabled pathway for WAN access.
IT Directors
Legislative analyst, Jonathan Ball, discusses some of the legislature's recent initiatives with State IT directors who held their monthly meeting in conjuction with the ITS openhouse.

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Provo City has a new online service that I haven't seen elsewhere.  You can contend a parking ticket online.  I would like to see the breakdown of how many online appeals are upheld.  As mentioned elsewhere,  iProvo is moving ahead.

We need to offer some assistance to Juab County on their website.  Take a look, for example, at the page for the Juab County Attorney.  These ovals are pretty ugly.  And someone needs to tell Emery County that it's no longer 2002.  However, their link to "2002 meetings" actually takes you to a 2003 meeting schedule.  eGovernment is not a one time event.  You can't put up a website and forget about it.  Other small counties like Tooele and Kane have developed very nice websites although they don't have much in the way of online services.

Weber County's GeoGizmo application is an incredibly robust GIS application that tells you everything about a given piece of property, including tax history for the past ten years.  It even gives you a specific breakout of what your property taxes paid for.  For example, after clicking on a particular property, I received this breakout of what their $570 in property tax paid for:

Taxing Entity Name Tax Rate Amount
  GENERAL FUND   0.00188   $66.55
  G O BOND FUND   0.000406   $14.37
  LIBRARY   0.000562   $19.89
  OGDEN CITY SCHOOL DISTR   0.007284   $257.85
  MOSQUITO ABATEMENT DISTR   0.000111   $3.93
  WEBER BASIN WATER - GENERAL   0.000196   $6.94
  WEBER BASIN WATER - OGDEN   0.000282   $9.98
  CENTRAL WEBER SEWER DISTR   0.000574   $20.32
  OGDEN CITY   0.004061   $143.76
  WEBER / MORGAN HEALTH   0.000187   $6.62
  PARAMEDIC FUND   0.000234   $8.28
  STATE ASSESS & COLLECT / MULTI   0.000181   $6.41
  ASSESS & COLLECT / COUNTY   0.000159   $5.63
  Totals   0.016117   $570.54

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