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Friday, December 05, 2003

The Utah Wireless Integrated Network Governance Board met this morning and approved action on a substantial list of projects as part of Phase I which is to be completed by July of 2004.  As a result, these tasks have been assigned to a specific project lead which will report on status and feasability of each project in the next meeting.

  1. Install OmniLink to connect VHF and all 800 MHz
  2. Connect Utah National Guard to the statewide voice network
  3. Implement the smartphone interface
  4. Implement secure enterprise solution and standards for 802.11 statewide
  5. Work with FCC and Regional Planning Committee to complete the state plan for 700 MHz and 4.9 GHz
  6. Expand 800 MHz voice service into rural Utah
  7. Complete the UWIN website
  8. Meet with the UAC and ULCT (outreach / education)
  9. Develop maps of all hotspots
  10. Develop a wireless information / data portal for PDAs / handhelds
  11. Develop policies and strategies for reverse 911 and other notification services
  12. Connect UDOT facilities in rural Utah to the state WAN
  13. Develop plans and procedures for wireless local area networks for incident management and command
  14. Replacement for CDPD
  15. Implement 450 MHz Mobile Data on a wider scale
  16. Implement 700 MHz Mobile Data
  17. Support the UEN GeoMax project to increase bandwidth of the state education network from one end of the state to the other
  18. Develop complete redundancy for the state microwave / WAN and geographic redundancy for state internet connectivity.

This is an ambitious list and there is a lot of nailbiting about how it will be accomplished.  A financial committee has been formed to begin addressing the funding issues in a coordinated manner.

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An Oregon elementary school teacher, Tim Lauer, is using his blog to communicate more effectively with parents and students - much more dynamic and interesting than the traditional school website that generally goes untended for months.  The school, Lewis Elementary, also has an excellent blog.  Intel provides more details.  I'm looking for the first principal or teacher in Utah to adopt this excellent communications tool.

More from the ITS openhouse
Voice Communications
Annette Madrid discusses support for the state's telephone voice services.  Right now, we are waiting for an appeal to be settled on a VoIP RFP. 
Geographic Information Systems
Governor Walker demonstrates her interest in AGRC's demonstration of GIS capabilities, including dynamic flyover virtualization
Strategic Planning
Director Fulling shares ITS' strategic plan with the Governor.  Be sure to look for the upcoming issue of Digital IQ which interviewed Governor Walker earlier in the day.  She discussed her outlook for technology in Utah which is very upbeat.

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