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Monday, December 29, 2003

The US government has plenty of websites for those about to make New Year's resolutions for healthier living:

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Virginia's auditor during an audit of surplus computers found the following information on old computers being auctioned to the public:

  • Vaccination information;
  • Women Infant and Children (WIC) personal information;
  • Personnel evaluations of individuals;
  • Personnel records of grievances of individuals;
  • Scholastic evaluations of individually identifiable students; and
  • Personal credit card number of a Dean of a college.

With all the effort spent to comply with HIPAA, other privacy laws, and standard information security, this is one hole that needs to be plugged everywhere, not just in Virginia.

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David Politis shares his "Top Ten" Utah technology stories with readers of the Deseret News.  Of course, SCO is #1, but only two have much to do with state government, his #10 is Gov. Leavitt leaving to go to EPA and being replaced by Gov. Walker, while his #5 story is the passage of the Venture Capital Enhancement Act passed by the legislature.

Here's my top ten story list for technology within State of Utah government:

  1. Utah wins Best of the Web.  In September, the Center for Digital Government named Utah's portal as first place among all 50 states.  A small delegation received the award at the Best of the Web award ceremony in New York City.
  2. Utah  announces the One Stop Business Registration service.  In August, Governor Leavitt announced this unique service which allows businesses to register seamlessly with 5 state agencies, 3 cities, and the IRS through one simple online process.  The State also rolled out Business.utah.gov, a new business portal at about the same time.
  3. Governor Walker signs an Executive Order creating UWIN - the Utah Wireless Integrated Network.  UWIN brings together dozens of state, local and federal agencies to provide wireless voice and data solutions in a way that greatly leverages existing resources.
  4. Val Oveson appointed CIO.  Val was appointed to the CIO position in January by Governor Leavitt
  5. Utah Cares, the first service provided under the eREP project comes online.  In November, Gov. Walker announced the availability of Utah Cares, a free tool to find state and community services.
  6. Proliferation of RSS news.  RSS becomes a preferred news format for Utah government, allowing user subscription and aggregation of news feeds.  The legislative and judicial branches added RSS feeds to their sites during the year as well.  Expect to see more of this in 2004.
  7. Online campground reservations at State Parks.  This popular service was made available to citizens in May 2003.
  8. One million online job referrals.  Jobs.utah.gov, introduced late in 2002 experience tremendous growth during a challenging year for Utah's economy.  By August 2003, one million job referrals had been made by this popular online service.
  9. 24x7 Live Help - During the summer, Utah introduced 24x7 live help on its portal, the first state in the country to do so.  A network of live help service has developed with many state agencies participating.
  10. More Agency Online Services - State agencies introduced dozens of new online services such as the Company & Agency Search completed by the Utah Insurance Department, DEQ's Generator Site Permitting System, and the Department of Agriculture and Food's License Renewal System.

Maybe I've forgotten a few things, but this looks like a pretty good list for 2003.  I would be glad to hear your comments and suggestions.

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