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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Practical.org has set up a nice aggregated site to cover the World Summit on the Information Society being held this week in Geneva.  It officially begins tomorrow.

On the eve of the conference, an alternative agenda is proceding under the title of WSIS? We Seize! with the goal of presenting a different vision of the information society based on horizontal networks and grassroots communication.

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Last week, Barbara mentioned that the Oklahoma Legislature had garnered attention from Web Pages that Suck for its website.  She quotes,

Oklahoma is at it again. A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, the site for the Governor of Oklahoma was a Daily Sucker, a staple of my speeches, and it made it into my first book (or so I believe).

If you start looking around the site it gets even worse.  For example, their substitute bill list is completely different from their bill list.  This list does not even have the short titles, just a number.  Now, that's real helpful.  And they have a separate list for floor versions.  And another for amendments.  These things are not tied together at all except on this nice looking page.  They did make sure to make high resolution photos available of all their senators.

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In a city council meeting scheduled for this evening, Salt Lake City Council members will debate the merits of UTOPIA.  Apparently, there are already concerns about moving ahead with the project.  Salt Lake City is one of 18 cities that have joined UTOPIA.

The Utah Division of Water Rights' interactive maps provide all kinds of interesting information.  Once you drill down on the maps, your are able to link to legal documents, ownership information, photographs, etc. for specific points of interest associated with water rights.  This is an excellent use of GIS.

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