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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

EPA Administrator Mike Leavitt used some themes discussed with the Western Information Technology Council in August in his first speech at the EPA.  I just noticed that complete notes from the three day WITC meetings are online, including for the Governor Leavitt's presentation with Jim Souby.  There is some very good information here on topics like e-authentication, enterprise architecture, and of course egovernment.

Administrator Leavitt is rolling out a 500-day plan with a 5000 day horizon - a lot like his 1,000 day plan in Utah that had a 10,000 day horizon.  "More. Better. Faster. Newer. Thatís the tune you will hear from me."  That's what we're hearing from Gov. Walker in Utah as well.  Since she moved offices, the pace has been frenetic.

The December meeting of the Utah Product Management Council was this morning.  AGRC presented a new GIS-related service that will allow users to make a SOAP-based request to the SGID and will return a map with specific information.  UII presented an overview of their development of a web-services based payment gateway that will allow all state agencies to quickly implement any kind of new payment-based online transaction service.  XML will be returned to the agency once the transaction has been processed through the payment gateway that will facilitate agency-level reconciliation.  This has been an excellent year for e-government in Utah with the introduction of a new state portal and business portal, winning Best-of-the-Web, the One-Stop Business Registration, proliferation of RSS feeds and news services, and the rollout of UWIN and Utah Cares.  The Council is now charged with matching and bettering that in 2004.

An article on Utah Cares appeared in Federal Computer Week.

Productivity growth as announced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the third quarter is amazing.  9.4 annual growth for the nonfarm business sector is phenomenal.  That should result in more business expansion.  We need to see that same kind of increased productivity in government.

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