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Monday, December 15, 2003

Representatives from the legislature, courts, administrative rules, the State Library, the Utah State Bar, and DAS met this morning to discuss future plans for RSS and XML in the legal area.  We briefly discussed our current architecture and what we need to do in the future.  I think all parties are interesting in amplifying our current offerings and making the architecture a little more robust.  A small workgroup will continue to meet to explore opportunities for working together.

Denmark's John Gotze has posted a 2003 E-Gov roundup with his selections for E-Gov "Strategic Choice of the Year", Video of the Year, Quote of the Year, etc.

The National Electronic Commerce Coordinating Council recently published several documents of interest which were presented at their November conference:

All of these papers relate to issues associated with what has been called iGov: integrated government which is a step beyond eGov.  They also tie closely to the enterprise architecture initiatives that have been dominating this year's discussions.  NECCC's "12 steps to cross boundary integration (XBI)" sound a lot like Governor Leavitt's ten requirements for building "socio-internets".

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