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Thursday, November 20, 2003

The Utah Taxpayers Association, headed by Senator Howard Stephenson, is jumping into the middle of two big technology issues here in Utah:

  • UTOPIA - Stephenson is wary of government's ability to build and maintain such a network in competition with private telecommunications providers.
  • E911 - the UTA newsletter argues that E911 would be better funded through general tax revenues rather than through a monthly fee on phone service.

The 700 MHz Regional Planning Committee for region 41 (Utah) meets tomorrow morning at 10 am at VECC. 

Lincoln Elementary School in Salt Lake City recently earned two awards for online instruction from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM): the annual Award of Excellence for Workforce Readiness and a Pinnacle Award.

And if you're really hunting for something to do, you can listen online to audio of old Moab city council meetings (MP3) or download them to your MP3 player to listen to while you're jogging!  Actually, I am impressed by how much information this small town has made available to their constituents.

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