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Thursday, November 13, 2003

More major vendors are beginning to embrace RSS.  Oracle has added a list of blogs and RSS Feeds to the Oracle Technology Network.  Matt Freestone, the Oracle product manager for ITS, should be aware of this resource.

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In a report issued yesterday, GAO reviews progress made by four key eGovernement projects, Geospatial One-Stop, BusinessLaw.gov, e-Payroll, and the Integrated Acquisition Environment.  The suggest that progress can be enhanced through better implementation of five key practices:

  • Establish a collaborative management structure
  • Maintain collaborative relationships
  • Contribute resources equitably
  • Facilitate communication and outreach
  • Adopt a common set of standards

I agree that all of these are important.  Implementing them across large organizations isn't easy.

In a second study, GAO found that implementation of Wireless E911 is still several years away in many states.  As of October, 65% of PSAPs had implemented Phase I and 18% had implemented Phase II.  Phil Bates is the E911 Coordinator for the State of Utah.  A bill will be presented to the Law Enforcement Committee of the Utah legislature next week by Brad Dee.  Right now, many PSAPs in Utah have implemented Phase I, but we still have a lot of work to do to get to Phase II.  It appears that the West is way behind in the implementation of Phase II.

It's been a big day for wireless.  Cisco announced the availability of their new 802.11g access points and the FCC announced that they are expanding the available unlicensced spectrum by 80%.

GovBenefits has upgraded their site and also now includes benefits from several states including Utah.

The Utah Public Service Commission has a new website.

Former Utah CIO Phil Windley was elected to the Board of Directors of Sento Corporation.  Sento, based in American Fork, provides web-enabled CRM solutions.

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