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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

A couple of interesting new reports from the US Technology Administration:

GSA is now maintaining a Who's Who in E-Government directory with three components:

If you have a role in E-Government, you may want to make sure that your contact information is current here.  It was quite dated for the State of Utah.

All e-government product managers should understand the basics of web services and why they are important to e-government.

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Yesterday, just after Governor Schwarzenegger's inauguration in California, the new Governor's homepage was experiencing a number of problems - links not working, pages showing up as garbled html, etc.  Those seem to be resolved now.  First lady Maria Shriver's site is also up - not much content yet.  Governor Schwarzenegger, "el Gobernador de Todos", (does that mean me too?) also has a Spanish version of his site online.  That certainly makes sense for a state with 11 million hispanics. 

And Cruz Bustamante? "I learned a long time ago to submit to the will of the voters. I wasn't sitting there thinking, 'I wish it was me.' "  The Lt. Governor, who hasn't posted any news to his site since July, didn't even attend the inaugural luncheon in the Capitol rotunda.  I find it interesting that there is no link from the Governor's site to the Lt. Governor's or vice versa.

Tom McClintock was quoted saying that Schwarzenegger's inauguration speech was the best that he had heard.  I couldn't find it anywhere on the state's website or the Governor's site.  It can be found at the LA Times.

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