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Friday, September 03, 2004

Someday soon I'm going to get the new version of Capitol Connections, PHP-based complete with RSS feeds, but for now, here's the September 2004 issue.

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Kansas is now posting its accident logs to the web in a nicely arranged service.  Utah has been doing this for some time, but I really like the GIS front end to the Kansas service.  We could do more here.  The nice thing is that the data is coming in from all the dispatch centers through standard XML, so to display it in different ways is relatively simple - and it includes a lot of local data as well.

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This is from this morning's Tacoma Tribune:

Washington state's digital dynasty is over, bested by Michigan, of all places. The Evergreen State, a land teeming with computer nerds, was tops three years straight in providing government services to the masses online, according to the Center for Digital Government.

The decline began in 2000. That's when Michigan - home of more blue collars than you'd find at Spanaway Days and the Wilkeson railroad hand-car races, combined - was No. 11. Now it ranks No. 1, followed by Washington state. Isn't it bad enough that the Detroit Tigers are better than the M's?

I guess we can't all be first, all the time.  Judges are submitting their choices for "Best of the Web", but Utah won't be in the running this year.  Last year's top dog is not eligible.

Here's a great story on how Sarasota County (Florida) is leveraging its newly acquired data center.

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