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Friday, September 17, 2004

According to Darrell West of Brown University, Taiwan is now the top ranked e-government.  The Brown Center for Public Policy surveyed almost two thousand websites in 198 countries.  This year's report is not yet available on the Center's website, but Singapore was ranked 2nd and the U.S. 3rd.  I'm wondering about the the Scandinavian countries who traditionally place very high. 

The small town of Keizer, Oregon has a new website.

A Louisiana columnist complains about that state's failure to use technology to more effectively communicate prior to and during the hurricane evacuation.  Time for a self-evaluation.  And state CIOs will be meeting in New Orleans in a couple of days.

San Diego is the most connected via Broadband according to Nielsen ratings.  Salt Lake City makes the top ten for narrowband connections.

And former California CIO John Thomas Flynn has joined the Center for Digital Government.

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