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Monday, September 13, 2004

Brian Sweeting informs me that Springville City (UT) has a new website.  The site has an RSS feed and allows online utility payments.  Brian expects more online services to follow.

Weather.com kicked off a media blitz in Deer Valley, UT today.  Their site has to be going through the roof, especially with all the hurricanes this year generating a tremendous amount of interest in weather activity.  I would be interesting in a comparison of user activity between weather.com and weather.gov

The Best of the Web awards for state government were announced last week.  Maine, after being #2 last year was ranked #1 this year with Utah being ineligible due to their #1 rating from last year.  Indiana, Virginia, and Arizona were also in the top five with Delaware being a surprise finisher at #4.  Arkansas has got to be disappointed at dropping out of the top five since they appeared to be working hard to improve on last year's status.  According to Cathilea Robinett, "Today's state government portals are extremely sophisticated, yet very user-friendly to citizens. I am very impressed with the progress that's been made by all of the states."

Utah's Renewal Express service is updated and redesigned.

Here's an interesting story on ten Midwestern states (including Utah) that are planning to share emergency medical and telecommunications cababilities.

Barbara White, CIO for Utah State University, has been selected for the same position at the University of Georgia.  She was also very involved in coordinating initiatives between Utah's 10 higher ed institutions.

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