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Monday, September 27, 2004

Brown released its third survey today, this one covers city governments.  Salt Lake City dropped from 7th to 12th in the ratings, still not a bad showing - the survey covers the 70 largest cities.

The Utah Dept. of Health has awarded an interesting contract to Phoenix Systems to perform an assessment of hospital information systems.  A primary objective of the contract will be to determine the extent to which these(utah hospitals) infrastructures can support electronic reporting to UDOH in times of disaster, bioterrorism, and/or epidemic outbreaks.

The state of New Mexico calls on NM Tech when it needs help responding to computer hacks and viruses.  Now the university is asking for $300,000 to form a rapid-response computer investigation team.

Here's the latest newsletter from ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) Rocky Mountain.

Is your computer part of a bot net?

The National Middleware Initiative, supporting grid computing environments, is now on Release 5.

I also just caught up with the Western Governors' recommendations for the National Integrated Drought Information System.

The Milken Institute just published an interesting report on Arkansas' position in the knowledge-based economy (registration required).  The report notes that Arkansas has been operating on the periphery.  In order to instigate change, Milken suggests the creation of "a leadership group that acts as a catalyst and provides strategic vision.  Milken's suggestions for development of the high-tech economy are generally applicable to any state.  The report regularly references the State Technology and Science Index, published by Milken in March (Utah came in 9th in this report and was the least populous state of the top 10).

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