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Monday, September 20, 2004

Governor Mitt Romney presented a new HHS portal in Massachussetts last Thursday.  He criticized the way government agencies tend to operate in silos.  It sounds like the project is not yet complete.  Apparently, there are services that will be available in March as part of this year-long, 8 million dollar project.

Massachussetts has also been promoting its Mass Means Business site for integrated business services.  The site offers comparisons in business environment between Massachussetts and other states, including Utah and California.  Wow, they (Mass.) sure get a lot more SBA dollars.

In Utah, we released Utah Cares last year.  The next phase of the large Utah eREP (enterprise elegibility) project should be presented in October.

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Senator Bryon Dorgan of North Dakota wants that state to be the heart of RFID development.  Sonia Arrison of TechNewsWorld warns against political meddling in RFID development.  I believe that it's inevitable.  Hopefully, it won't negatively impact the rollout of this interesting technology.

more on this in the RFID Journal 

The FTC held a workshop on RFID this summer and opened up a public comment period on related issues.  Microsoft responded with this perspective earlier this month.  Another Senator, Bill Nelson of Florida, is questioning the FTC's jurisdiction.

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