Tuesday, November 5, 2002

Textured as Text

A picture named Touch.jpg

Touch this cup and shake hands with its maker.

It would seem that placing Braille messages on the side of a cup would be a natural extension of the tactile and thoughtful qualities that make up a hand made piece of pottery. I haven't heard of anyone doing this.

It also allows for a yet another way to add a textual component to a piece and another level(s) of meaning.

I don't think the use of Braille would really hide the message. Many sighted people would recognize that there is Braille and treat it as a puzzle and once learning its meaning, appreciate the message on its many levels.

Many thanks to Hot Braille for the graphic. They have many compelling services for those wishing to communicate with Braille. Check it out.

This is not a cup?
11:07:30 PM