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Sunday, June 15, 2003

The Kid Is How Old?!

Prince William and his dad

Actually I do know just how old Prince William is—Saturday will be his 21st birthday. So why is his dad apologizing for this dumb behavior? Any kid that age is going to do plenty of dumb stuff—my own son is just a couple months older than the prince, so I know this from firsthand experience!—but I kind of figure that by the time the child is taller than the father, dad should butt out, royalty or not. Make the kid do his own apologizing!!!

10:34:38 PM    


§ - Smile! - Trooper Delivers Baby on Roadside

§ - One year ago today - "He explained that people with my condition who continue to smoke are usually dead within three years. I asked what if I quit? He said there's a pretty good chance I'll live a normal life. That was it, that was the moment I quit smoking."

§ - Congratulations, Dave, or Why I Hate Smoking - "Dave told me yesterday as he was leaving the office that today, he'd be a non-smoker for a full year. This is one of the best pieces of news I can think of."

§ - The cola wars get personal - "Rick Bronson, a driver who had been with the Coca-Cola Bottling Company for 12 years, had just completed a delivery to a California store called Smart and Final. Bronson purchased a Pepsi at the store and headed to a back room to take a break. Bronson was wearing his Coke uniform and was on company time when he drank the offending Pepsi."

§ - Workplace Litter Can Turn an Office Into a Real Rat Race - "It's supposed to be a figurative jungle out there—not a real one in here. But some people treat everyday like Bring Your Ecosystem to Work Day. And many permit unsanitary conditions at work they would never tolerate at home."

§ - Millionaire's Husband Held in Electricity Theft - "A Long Island electrician who married the widow of a slain Manhattan millionaire finished his sentence for drunken driving yesterday. But no sooner had he stepped out of jail in Riverhead than he was arrested again on a charge of stealing $43,000 of electricity."

§ - There's a Sucker Born Every Minute - "The only person I know of who actually bought something from a telemarketer was my ex-husband."

§ - New laws for phone cameras - "The Royal Life Saving Society is already considering banning mobile phones at pools amid fears the technology would be used by a new generation of peeping Toms."

10:28:03 PM    

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