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Friday, 16 April 2004

Gmail 2
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Now that's what I call a relevant related page served up by Gmail this afternoon.
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New Mexican Cherry Blossoms are tough....
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These survived freezing a couple of times....
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This is by no means the complete tour...but we are receiving so many inquiries....

Note: we are giving the Coach House and the Galaxy another chance - they are both under new management and hopefully I won't feel like a fool for going back there.
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World Music vs New age Music
On t-master, do we like the "world music" designation better than "new age" for OL's music??? Everyone sure has a hard time trying to figure out what tab to file OL's CDs behind! Carolynn • 4/16/04; 3:36:57 PM
While I do not have the slightest problem with the designation "New Age Music", I have to say my first choice was always "World Music". I thought that made more sense. I think the result of Nouveau Flamenco's success was that New Age Music took a turn towards World Music in the nineties. Higher Octave was a declared New Age record label and so the choice was made for me and once it was made it could not be changed...Epic Records did not want to confuse people, Billboard Magazine doesn't like to allow people to switch categories etc. etc...

In any case it is just a long as somebody can point you to where they carry my CDs - that's all that matters.
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Great interview with Neal Stephenson in Wired:
To fuse means to melt; "con-fuse" means a melting together. When you say "I'm all mixed up" you're saying the same thing in simpler words. At least as far back as Chaucer, "confused" was being used in its current sense of being muddle-headed. The older, technical meaning of melting things together has become obsolete, but alchemists of the 17th century would have been comfortable with it.
Nouveau Flamenco is confused! Yeah, I am confused as hell...
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A California bill would force companies that mail unsolicited CDs or DVDs to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for returns.
I guess that settles it. We are not going to send free "La Semana" CDs to everyone in Cali4nia....
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horn-shaped universe
NewScientist suggests Big Bang glow hints at funnel-shaped Universe. "Could the Universe be shaped like a medieval horn? It may sound like a surrealist's dream, but according to Frank Steiner at the University of Ulm in Germany, recent observations hint that the cosmos is stretched out into a long funnel, with a narrow tube at one end flaring out into a bell. It would also mean that space is finite."
[Critical Section]
No, my friend, it means that the universe is a sound, music if you will, and the Indians (dot, not feather) have it right when they say NADA BRAHMA - the World is Sound. I believe that Hindus also say that the Universe is but a cosmic breath that ends when the god/gods have to breath other words, let's hope that whoever is blowing that horn still has a few hundred years of air left.....
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...from 3 billion to 6 billion in less than 40 on the image at above link to see where the growth is happening. I haven't seen the TV show yet, but will set my Dish PVR to record it. (While so many people were talking about Tivo, Dish has sold many, many of their own receiver/HD recorder units, which they call Personal Video Recorders. I have had one for a couple of years and it works flawlessly!)
via [Another World Is Here]
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There is something inherently absurd about an entire country becoming fashionable, like the latest chic appliance. But in this case, there may be something more fundamental going on under the modish surface.
via [Another World Is Here]
Nobody in that very cool country pronounces the L at the end of, if you want to get with it start saying it like this: Braziew and roll the R, will ya! You should be able to do that after one or two Caipirinhas!

Here is another great quote from the telegraph article:
When I met Gilberto Gil, musician and minister of culture for Brazil, he painted a bigger picture, suggesting that one big reason why the West is fascinated by Brazil is a reaction to the current rise of puritanism in the world.

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We should have the official tour schedule online next week here. We like to wait until all dates are confirmed and the holes are (mostly) filled. When we show a schedule that has too many TBAs (to be announced) we get so much email from people wondering whether the TBA will be in their town....

In the meantime you can check with big ole T-master at above title link...
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This is too funny!
I blogged this yesterday:
Ben & Jerry's ice cream stores are switching to green freezers which employ soundwaves instead of chemicals to do their cooling....And these sound waves will really 'scream for ice cream': they will be attached to amplifiers generating 183 decibels, a sound level thousands of times beyond rock concert levels.
And this is the inspired home-run that blasted it out of the park - I am still laughing!
Oh, so now I understand what those people that drive around with those humungous car stereo systems that shake my 3rd floor office are doing...they're chillin. Danny • 4/15/04; 6:12:00 PM

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What is the strangest or most memorable gig you have played?

OL:   We played a private show once and as we began our first song we saw that castanets were handed out to a group of about 30 or 40 drunken executives. As you can imagine, that many castanets, played with abandon and a complete lack of rhythm or expertise, were louder than us and I walked off, feeling that the executives were entertaining themselves quite nicely!
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