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Wednesday, May 8, 2002

Flutterby: "More reasons I'm fed up with "journalism". Dutch politician Pym Fortuyn was shot and killed. Fortuyn was described in the U.S. (and bits of Canadian that I get) press as a "hard right-winger", a "Dutch le Pen"."
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Diederik van Hoogstraten writes in a pay-to-read Slon piece about The smearing of Pim Fortuyn. I'm happy Diederik is pushing in the same direction I am. If he would link to anything related to his piece it will benefit all.
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Andrew Sullivan: "The subtle marginalization of Fortuyn continues, even in death. I would simply ask you to imagine: if this gay man were a liberal and had been killed by a fascist, do you think this story would be treated by the New York Times the same way?"
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John Robb: "Weblogs covered the story of Pim Fortuyn's death better than the major media. It wasn't even close."
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A Long View: "How character assassinations by journalists work"
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Pim Fortuyn en de Waarheid in Nederland
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National Review: "25,000 expatriates who had already cast their votes and sent them to the Netherlands want to change their vote. Dutch government offices are being flooded by phone calls from Dutch people living elsewhere. This could be an exciting, surprising and mostly unpredictable election, for once."
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What's really Happening in Europe?

Has everyone shifted violently to the right. Why was Pim Fortuyn killed? My thoughts and analysis: The Big Lie

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I'm going to the castle today. I need space and peace to think and write. Something big is happening in the world and Pim Fortuyn's murder is a part of forces that must be addressed.

I'll be posting throughout the day as usual.
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