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Sunday, May 26, 2002

Bart de Graaff 1967-2002
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Congratulations Latvia, for winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2002 which was held last night in last year's winner's country Estonia. Can you point to either of these nations on a map?
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Cannes Film Festival Quote of the Year: "The scenes in this film are unbearable, even for us professionals."
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I really like Dave Stewart. I've met him several times and value his opinion. Dave is also known as an activist, and although I understand and share his frustrations with the entertainment industries, I do not believe the Artist Network is the solution

I'm pretty dissapointed by this effort. The people in the pictures may have the access to capital, connections and resources, but that's all part of the 'old' networks. Nothing new here.

Of course I don't have any new solutions of my own to offer, but I *am* seeing an increasing number of creative people grasping at technology, enabling them to create, produce and distribute. Audiences are forming around these people and they are contributing: paypal donations and orders for home-burned CD's are starting to support some musicians.

Stewart's answer is access to capital and traditional resources, which are definitely needed to bootstrap, we just don't know which cable to lift yet.
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Amazon Scam. A "clever" author of a $3 Self Help PDF has developed a program to put his book in as a recommendation 12 times, on every single top seller at Amazon. As a result he is now the #3 best seller on Amazon.
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Mom: "Wow! I've just tried the new (in Europe) green ketchup. It tastes the same, but... Somehow it reminds me of The Exorcist."
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Peter Ford is back at "If SchoolBlogs has shown anything, it is that fledgling webloggers need to fall under a more experienced webloggers sphere of influence." Good to have you back mate!
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