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Friday, May 24, 2002

DaveNet: Real-time weblogs
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A picture named networkError.jpgNo matter what I try, this is the rror I get.
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Another bullethole in the Dutch National Telco: KPNQwest said that it would file for protection from creditors and that it was in talks with rivals that could lead to a takeover of the company.
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Troubleshooting an OSX problem this morning. My iBook has stopped being able to mount anything over AFP. It just gives me the 'No file services are available at the URL afp://xxx' error dialog, no matter what server I try.

I've been looking through Apple's message boards and I don't think I'm alone, but a fix isn't apparent, apart from wiping your drive and re-installing OSX. Not. Is there a prefs file I can dump?

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