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Monday, May 13, 2002

Dan Gillmor points to an article by John Gilmore which outlines the absurdity of copy protection schemes in hardware. I was amazed at some of the examples he came up with. Certainly not unthinkable scenarios if any of the proposed legislation actually becomes law.

Then it hit me.

I live in Holland. US laws don't apply. We make computers here too.

And what's hollywood gonna do anyway? Remove the spiderman dolls from our happy meals?
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Wim de Bie: "Als voorzitter van een politieke partij heeft de heer Langendam zijn reputatie als schrijver eer aangedaan. Met zijn sprankelende geest heeft hij de mensen aan het lachen en het denken weten te zetten."
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Wow, Dave really hits one over the fence. Totally connects with my random thoughts from 3 weeks ago.
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Mark Steyn: "Apart from their mutual antipathy to Muslim immigration, Fortuyn and Le Pen would have loathed each other. But they cocked their individual snooks at the pieties of contemporary Eurofantasy, and so they were beyond debate: Mais non, said Chirac and Blair and Kok, we cannot talk with these men, no matter how many people vote for them. To engage them would only legitimize them."[via Hud]
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The flow from The Big Lie has helped several people understand weblogging a bit better. Especially the xml news aggregator in Radio UserLand. Rob van Eijk writes: "Weblogs are a good way to exchange ideas with a large group [....] centralized resources like davenet are needed and leaders are nessecary in weblogland."
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