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Friday, May 17, 2002

We made it. Weekend has arrived without riots or a coup d'etas. Gotta love the down to earthness of the dutch. Still no cabinet or prime minister yet, but that'll all flesh itself out I'm sure. Of course I'll report back if anything comes up.

Prepping for the radio show. I've switched to AudioGalaxy as my online source of mp3's. Once downloaded I burn two cd's which we use as souorce material during the [live] show on BNN. I clearly remember making many, many trips to the 'phonoteque' when prepping for my shows 15 years ago. Now I just sit at my Mac, dream up any song I can and can be listening to the first chords withing 30 seconds.

Another cool event this weekend, the 25th reunion of Decibel radio, the pirate radio station I started at in Amsterdam. About 30% of the air staff went on to get 'legal' jobs in broadcasting. This is gonna be a great gathering, we probably all had sex with each other at one point or another during those illegal times, so fond memories will be shared, I'm sure :)
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