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Sunday, May 19, 2002

John Robb on the economy: "In cruel turn of events [....], individuals are also starting to wake up to the excesses of corporate America."
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Wesley Pruden: "Pim Fortuyn was a puzzle to most Dutchmen, and he probably owes his death to the European hysteria over the mild success of Jean-Marie Le Pen. In the careless media jihad that passes for careful journalism, Mr. Fortuyn was painted with the same brush and in the same ink used to describe Mr. Le Pen. In the media world, precise distinctions are for sissies." [via lex van gurp]
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it's 3am, just got in from the reunion. An awesome gathering. One of the alums, Lion Keezer, was always video-taping stuff back in the day. Quite visionary really, considering it was 25 years ago. But to see those tapes playing on monitors throughout the bar we gathered at, with the original 12inch vynil blaring through the soundsystem made everything surreal. I looked over at Rob, with a close-up of him 20 years earlier over his left shoulder and for the first time in my life I realized how fast it really goes. Shit, we're all about 40 and I remember when my parents were fourty and I thought they were ancient.

No doubt once I empty the digital cam I'll be able to add some more stories to faces, certainly the shot I got of Michel, who was a 'registered' and contributing member of our station. He was even wearing one of the original t-shirts. Amazing.

It was good to see old friends again and relive old times. I hope our paths cross more often than every 25 years.
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