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Saturday, May 11, 2002

A picture named begrafenisstoet.jpgJust waking up here in Belgium after a long and tiring week. Got home late last night after the show. The Radio3 team was there (we have a bar next to the studio) they where having one last 'group hug'. Not a bad idea considering they witnessed the Fortuyn murder from a 3 foot distance. Any of them could have been injured themselves.

I've never been a metafilter reader, but there's a thread going that has some good pointers. There seems to be as much interest there in Fortuyn as they have in my spelling.

On that note. I am fluent in English, Dutch, German and now that we have a place in Belgium, I'm picking up a lot of steam on my French. Shit runs together. My mind also works much, much faster than my hands can type. And yet, somehow, every time I consider using the spell checker I stop.

Did you know that in the Netherlands the dutch language is reviewed every year? We're not just talking some additions to the dictionary. Major differences like cadeau or kado (means: gift).

My spelling is now a part of my style. Sometmes I feel it's my art. Sorry if you don't like the colour of the paint.

More fuel for the fire: In the past weeks of campaigning, Fortuyn was quoted several times about his safety and clearly stated: "...when I am killed or wounded then you [prime minister Kok] are responsible because you give me no protection and you make the atmosphere in this country so poisonous that people want to hurt me...." I have seen and heard this with my own eyes and ears. The BBC also have a tape of this. Notice how he says 'when' instead of 'if'.

Take a gander at this page about Pim Foruyn (pronnounce: For-Town). It lists his academic, commercial, philanthropal and political accomplishments. I was overjoyed to see that he has written more than 10 books! I can't wait to get my hands on them and read more from this man who moved so many people.

And I hope they will be translated for our European brothers and sisters, so they can form their own opinion about Fortuyn. His last book should definitely be put on the web, in it's entirety, so smart people will be able to make better analysis and will have refrences to link to.

I'm still waiting for the NY Times' mea culpa about Fortuyn. Until then I'm unsubscribed.
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