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Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Meanwhile, back in SillyWood.
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Wrapping up for tonite. Clearly the dutch want a new course to be taken and they're going to get it with a new cabinet and new prime minister. We never will know how it would have turned out if Fortuyn were alive. Without doubt however, his message was heard by many and will be of significant influence on the new government. Hopefully the population will keep a sharp eye out to ensure accountability at all times.
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Tjebbe van Tijen: "Every few decades Dutch party politics seem to need a shake-up and a wake-up to re-establish the power balance of the social forces in the country, be they good or bad." A very good read. Thanks to Lance for posting this
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The lowdown so far: The incumbents have been ousted, as was to be expected. The exit polls show the CDA, the Christian Democrats as the largest party in the Netherlands with Pim Fortuyn's party second. This will most likely mean that the coalition will be formed between CDA and LPF and our new prime minister will be CDA's candidate Jan Peter Balkenende. [ponnounce: Yahn Pater Ball-ken-and-a]
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Less than an hour till the polls close. The sreets are almost empty now. The live coverage of the results starts at 8:45, so everyone has gone home to their tv sets. Reports speak of a strong showing for this election.
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It's four thirty in Holland, 41/2 hours till the polls close. It's a beautiful spring afternoon. All is peaceful and quiet. Could be the proverbial calm. I suspect the dutch have their wits about them today. Plenty of pleas by incumbents and candidates alike last night on all the news shows. Vote with your head, not your emotions was the universal message.
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There are no Secrets: WSJ.  More problems with the corporate world.  The DoJ is investigating 7 of the world's largest banks for anti-competitive behavior in foreign currency markets. [John Robb's Radio Weblog]
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Harry S Truman. "If you cannot convince them, confuse them."
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Goodmorning from Amsterdam The Netherlands. It's Election Day. I've set up a new comments server so the discussion can continue. I was forced to shut them off last week due to excessive traffic.
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