Friday, March 01, 2002

I am addicted to learning new things. One of my earliest indistinct memories is of desperately wanting to know what the names of the colors were.

On the West Wing, when Pres. Bartlett talks about the 7th fleet, I want to know what is in the 7th fleet. If I hear unfamiliar jargon, I want to know what it means.

It's an obsession.

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If you are fascinated by watching your referer log, it's always exciting when Dave links to you.

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Curious about Scientology? (I'm trying an experiment.) [Hack the Planet]

I'll help the experiment.

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Hee. My Mariners tickets got here today.

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I created this little picture of me typing away on the TiBook while I was at my Mom's house, but I haven't figured out what I'd use it for.

So I guess I'll just randomly post it.

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I finally got around to telling people visiting the ZopeFish page that I'm much more active over here.

It's much more satisfying to edit the new weblog -- I don't have to spend my time hoping that the browser didn't lose the connection to the server and drop my post into the ether. I can edit it locally, and any network delays happen where I can't see them.

Microsoft learned that lesson early -- it's not as important to actually BE fast as it is to SEEM fast. That's why Windows will give the foreground application a slight boost in priority.

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I'm trying to wrap my mind around REST.

I'm fully in favor of any technology that tries to simplify the complex. But REST seems to take things a little too far, by limitting the verbs and putting almost all meaning into the URI. My initial gut feeling is that it's just moving the complexity elsewhere, rather than getting rid of it. By recasting RPC as a POST, you are not really getting rid of the RPC, you are just making it look like something other than what it is.

I'm not sure if it's going to catch on. It's certainly an interesting thought experiment.

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I mentioned before that now that I read Slashdot through Radio, I've been getting moderator access more often. At the time, I'd been selected as a moderator twice in two weeks.

Well, once again I have moderator access. It's easy to figure out why when you read the selection criteria -- I inflated my karma a while back by doing a bunch of meta-moderation, and the rest is due to Radio.

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Wow. Brent is one of the guys I just naturally associate with UserLand. If you poke through the code, you see his name all over.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do, Brent. You have what it takes.

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