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  Friday, December 20, 2002

Gillmor's new site

Dan Gillmor has a shiny, clean new site for his blog. Now I have to update the link (left).

New Site -- Tell Us What You Think [Dan Gillmor's eJournal]

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Tara Sue and the Wired Rave Awards

Rave Awards. I have been notified of my nomination for the Wired Magazine Rave Award. This is quite an honor. I'm pulling together content from the webpaign, my video streams made at and whatever else Wired Magazine needs.  If I make it to San Francisco, I'll have a chance to visit some friends and family. Thank you Dave. [Tara Sue's Weblog News]

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New Year's predictions

Here's my first prediction for the new year:

The war with Iraq will start on January 18, 2003. Why? Twelve years to the day from the start of the Gulf War. Bush 2 will start what Bush 1 didn't finish. Alternate start date: February 28, the day Bush 1 declared a cease-fire in the Gulf War. Bush 2, Rove, et alia, won't want to miss the symbolism.

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