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  Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Coming Attractions:

Books read in 2002--

Books in the to-be-read pile--

Magazines I read--

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From the "This is news?" Dept:

Behavior: Abuse Takes Toll on Bottom Line. Abusive bosses and unfair workplaces can be bad for the health of both employees and companies. By John O'neil. [New York Times: Business]

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Groucho Marx. "She got her looks from her father. He's a plastic surgeon." [Quotes of the Day]

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Must be that time of year. . .

For miscellaneous awards, best of/worst of the year announcements:

The UK Internet Industry Awards nominated the RIAA as Internet Villain of the Year ëfor supporting "right to hack" proposals and other unworkable solutions to curb copyright abuse.í

Fortune's Peter Lewis declared the worst technology of the year to be DARPA's Total Information Awareness program.

Tara Sue Grubb is coming to San Francisco in mid-January because she was nominated for a Wired Rave Award. lists the top 10 online journalism stories of 2002; at the top: Blogs go mainstream. presents the 10 most threatening trends in the U.S. today, and 10 reasons for hope.

Oh, and the award for sending out the most Christmas cards as President of the U.S. of A. goes to G.W. Bush; read Matthew Engel's commentary on that nifty feat.

And then there's Google's Year-End Zeitgeist.

Also time for prognosticating:

IDC: Tech Bucks, Hack Threats Up. Market researcher IDC pulls out its crystal ball and proclaims its technology market predictions for 2003. But what do competing analysts have to say about IDC's forecasts? By Elisa Batista. [Wired News]

Tech Forecasts: IDC Keeps Score. Every year, IDC makes 10 predictions -- then tallies its score when the year is up. The company gives itself 7.5 out of 10 for 2002 forecasts, but other analysts say IDC was only right half the time. By Elisa Batista. [Wired News]

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