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  Monday, December 23, 2002

Control is an illusion

Ernie the Attorney has a few words about copyright and finding lyrics on the Web, during which he locates a nugget of Truth (that's Big T truth):

Actually, it's life in general that stands in the way of perfect control. Music, law, whatever. Perfect control is not only unattainable, it's undesirable.

We only think we can control things: our lives, our children, our lovers, our employees, our cars. But it's not so. Giving up control (giving up the illusion) earns us the freedom we always had. Relinquish control, gain power.

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Happy Solstice, y'all

Penelope Trunk, sometime columnist for Business 2.0, writes an occasional column available at This time she's being uppity about how businesses don't get it--Christmas is a Christian holiday, not a Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, or Hindu holiday. And she's right. It's disingenuous for employers to proclaim "Happy Holidays!!" as if we don't know which holidays (Christmas and New Year's) they're talking about.

I was astounded when the CEO of my employer sent out an email copying the famous "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" piece. Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas) represents a Christian holiday. No mention of other religions in his email. I found this sufficiently offensive that I fired off a response, to the CEO and the head HR person. They should know better.


The CEO responded by claiming that he didn't know that Santa Claus originated as a Christian saint, and saying he'd be happy to pass along any Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist Christmas stories I know.

Can you say "Get a clue?!!?"



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