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Monday, June 17, 2002

Day 5. Departure from Moulin-Blanc (Brest) at 10:10 AM; arrival in Camaret at 4:15 PM. Conditions: 5-12 knot wind blowing W-SW. High clouds in the morning; thick fog early afternoon.

Had planned on a long sail today, but the conditions were against me. Got a reasonably early start, and the first 3 hours of sailing were fast, with long upwind tacks to get out of the Brest bay; as I approached the trickiest zone of today's sailing, a thick fog took over, and I could not see much further than about a 1/4 of a mile... in addition the tidal currents were going against the swell, and a pretty serious sea rose quite quickly. Either of these situations would be been OK on their own, but I decided it wasn't too wise to plow ahead given I had both at the same time; I chose to head for Camaret, familiar port I was in 2 days ago. My trip to Brest was a detour, so all in all I'm back to where I was before going to Brest.

Here is a picture of the conditions a little bit before I headed for Camaret:

Off to check the weather at the harbor office; if all goes well I should be off early tomorrow morning (aiming for about 8 AM departure), so the currents won't be as strong when I hit the "Pointe de Saint-Mathieu".
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