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Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Day 6. Departure from Camaret at 9 AM; arrival at L'Aber Benoit at 7:30 PM. Distance travelled: 40 NM (Nautical miles: that's about 75 km, or 46.3 regular miles) Conditions: Some clouds in the morning, clear blue skies (my first since I've arrived in this part of the world nearly 10 days ago) most of the day. Solid westerly wind (10 knots) for most of the day, shifted to NW late afternoon.

Today was the longest sail yet - 10 hours; I was reminded of a passage by William Heast-Moon in the book I'm just reading in which he tries to describe how the hours go by on his long river trip accross the US: "river river river river river river river river river river I wonder what I'll have for dinner river river river whow that was a big wave river river river river river river river was that a rock I just hit river river river"... you get the idea. My version would be something like "wave wave wave wave wave big wave wave wave wave is that boat getting closer wave wave wave where did that boat go wave wave wave wave I think I'll go check the map wave wave wave wave wave jeez that boat got a lot closer wave wave wave should I change my course to avoid him wave wave wave wave wave yup, ok he saw me wave wave wave that's a nice boat wave wave wave wonder where he is going wave wave wave those brits sure have nice boats wave wave ... :)

This morning was a little frustrating. I had head winds for 2 hours, and the current against me. Tried sailing it but it was no use, so I motored to gain a little time. Around 11:30 a change of course meant the conditions were perfect for sailing. I was going 5-6 knots, full blue skies, and that lasted for about 4 hours. The wind decided to falter, and the current against me picked up again... I was down to about 2 knots on the ground. After 2 hours under the beating sun(by then it was about 5:30), I decided to head for shelter.

The place I'm at tonight is called l'Aber Benoit. An "aber" is the equivalent of a "fjord" in sweden... though this is the Breton version, slightly less dramatic, but incredibly beautiful - a few hours ago I was at sea, I'm now surrounded by fields, chirping birds, perfectly calm waters.

Caught 2 more mackerel today - sadly one slipped out of my hand, so I had to do with one. This time I didn't even bother with the lemon, just the fillets lightly browned in a little butter. Unbelievably good.

Being back in France is fascinating - I used to write all my notes in English, and I've already switched to french.England will change that

I've not updated several things on this site: the map, and the reading list. I'm keeping these for the next rainy day :)

Final note: Marco, I'm sorry about today's match... Heard on the news a few minutes after the end fo the game. Youna, congratulations!!! Don't give Marco too hard a time.... :)
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