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Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Day 12: Lotsa miles! :) Departure from Tréguier at 8:00 AM. Arrival in Port St Peter, Guernsey, at 9:30 PM. Distance: 55 NM. Conditions: W - NW winds, 5-10 knots. Clear skies, cold air, strong cross currents: 2-3 knots W, then 2-3 knots E.

Left Tréguier quite early - I was the first boat out of the harbor. As I mentioned before, Treguier is about 4 miles away from the sea, on the banks of the Jaudy river. Motoring out to sea, down the winding river, has got to be the best way to start a days sailing. From city views, to misty fields, chirping birds, the smell of manure, the first look at the open sea, the oyster flats, the first ripples on the water, the first side tug of the currents, the last navigation markers, the final compas bearing for the islands: it's a slow progression from early morning inland to full day at sea.

The banks of the Jaudy river, early morning, going out to sea

Today I had many miles to do before getting to Guernsey, so I motored until the wind was strong enough for a good speed under sail. I'd say I did half sailing, half motoring. The biggest event today was the presence of cross currents: 2-3 knots from starboard, then 2-3 knots from port as I approached Guernsey. It's the strangest feeling to be pointing in one direction, and finding that the boats course on the GPS is about 30 degrees to the side. It's really sailing like a crab...

Arriving in St Peter was a relief - the harbor is very well organised for visiting yachts, and finding a spot on a pontoon was easy. Funny that now I'm no longer in France. I could tell early on in the day, as navigating the FM dial on the radio yielded more and more english stations - from terrific Cornish accents to prim BBC news announcers.

Another difference from all the harbours I've visited in France are the number of sailing dinguies. It's a Tuesday night, and there must of been 50 little sailboats zipping around in front of the harbour, some practicing, some racing. Had not seen that since my days in Southampton. Something about the Brits and their boats!
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