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Saturday, May 11, 2002

Pre-Mothers Day Blog Jones Satisfied

Last night I dreamed about blogging. After three days of publishing directly onto the Web, I'm infatuated. But already this is causing me problems. This morning I drove to my office to write what I'm writing now. I had to, because it's beyond my present technical abilities to write from a remote computer without wiping out everyhing I've done before. No problem this morning, since I needed to come downtown to pick up some flowers for Elijah and Sydney to give Lisa for Mother's Day. But I'd better figure this out quickly, not just to preserve my weekends but also because I travel enough that porta-blogging is going to be a necessity.

Speaking of Addictions

I'm listening to Lou Reed. Rock and Roll Animal. Man, that heroin. It sounds so exciting in "Sweet Jane," but by the next song ("Heroin") it turns out to be a soul-sucking vampire. Which reminds me, what is Mickey Kaus smoking when he writes that you can't say in public, "Most great American popular music, in a variety of genres, was made by people on drugs?" Who in the world thinks otherwise? Mickey needs to get out more. Or at least listen to the lyrics.

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