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Monday, May 13, 2002

Remote Posting

Did this one via email. Learned how from a tutorial by John Robb and Robert Scoble. Thanks, guys.
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Thank You, FDR

Yesterday Elijah and I went to the mountains and drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway, a most excellent vestige of American socialism as practiced by Roosevelt's Works Progress Administration. Like most things, the scenic drive was made even better by listening to some Jerry. On the way up we were blasting some Green Day; Elijah is ten so he doesn't fully get what Longview is about. Ironically, he gets the metaphorical meaning of apathy and wasting time, he just doesn't yet, um, grasp the literal aspect.
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Ozzy Well Running Dry

Was there anything left to say by yesterday about Ozzy Osbourne and his new fan, G.W. Bush? I tried. Filing on Tuesday for a Sunday column can be a pain. I thought my Culture Wars gloss was pretty fresh, but at least one highly articulate and pissed-off emailer was mad that I said Ozzy was washed-up as a rock star. Well, he may still bring in the bucks, but he’s become an entertainer who portrays a rock star named “Ozzy.” And now he portrays that entertainer on his TV show, creating multiple layers of artifice, like the reflection of a reflection in a mirror.

Shout Outs

Due to an uncharacteristic hiccup at Earthlink, I didn’t get to blog a Happy Mother’s Day wish to my mom, Carol, and my wife, Lisa. Thanks and I love you both.
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