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Thursday, May 23, 2002

More Unemployed Ziffsters

Ziff Davis Media is closing The Net Economy. I'd say this is getting depressing, but it's been depressing for a while.

I started working for Ziff in 1999, at Interactive Week, under founding editor/mad genius TST. We grew and grew, and begat in time The Net Economy. Now both pubs are dead, along with Smart Business.

Ziff Davis got bought at the tippy-top of the market, in a deal that closed in April, 2000. I remember standing on the fairway of the eighth hole at the Broadmoor that summer during an Interactive Week retreat, knowing it couldn't last. Our whole staff was there, five dozen people or so right down to the junior assistant art director, all flown in from around the country. Dinners were high-end, golf and spa were comped. It was life as editorial employees have always imagined it to be lived on the sales side of the business.

These mags didn't fail because they were poorly done. Interactive Week had some great people, like the fearsome Connie Guglielmo. Net Economy editor Carol Wilson knows the hell out of her industry, and is a Tar Heel fan to boot. There is an enormous amount of talent in this business that somebody will figure out how to profit from.

They say Baseline is doing well.

By the way, as an employee of Ziff Davis Media I have decided to always wait until news like this has posted at the ZD site or at a third party like Romenesko before I deal with it here.

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Slow Morning

Anne is having a lazy day. "It's already 10am and i still haven't painted my face or hoisted my tits back up to chest level yet."

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"One of the Most Important Cultural Figures of Our Time"

That's how this Toronto Globe and Mail obit refers to Stephen Jay Gould. Interesting take on the man and his work, plus a recap of one of Bill Clinton's worst moments.

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My Friend is a Bench

Well, not really. I'm clearer on this kind of distinction than Vardaman was when he said "My mother is a fish." But there is now a bench in Central Park that memorializes Doug Gardner. Jennifer wrote the text on the plaque: "Douglas B. Gardner -- Lost on September 11, 2001/Adored Daddy of Michael and Julia/Cherished husband of Jennifer/You are our hero. We love you forever." The kids untied the ribbon at Sunday's dedication.

Meanwhile, my other favorite war widow, LaChanze, starred in a reunion concert of the show that once earned her a Tony nomination. The show honored Calvin and raised money for the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund.

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