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Monday, May 20, 2002

Share the Love

What do you call a blogger who doesn't link to other bloggers, asks Doc Searls. Hmm. A bloghog? A post hole? A masturblogger? Andrew Sullivan?

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California Dreaming

Last week I linked to the letters page of the Greensboro News & Record, where the tired old evolution vs. creation debate has been creaking along again recently. Dave Winer linked in and made the observation that the US is "still part of the third world," noting that I live in "one of the Carolinas." Now, I'm not one of those defensive Southerners. My family has deep roots here in North Carolina, and I love it without having many illusions about it. But Californians like Dave shouldn't be so modest about their own state's contribution to the national ignorance index. Guess where this august institution of phony science is based. Granted, that's a long way from Dave's house, while this guy is right here in Greensboro--I saw him drive by just the other day.

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A Sad Thing and a Related Creepy Thing

Stephen Jay Gould, pop evolutionary theorist, RIP. That's the sad part. The creepy part is the way some of these yahoos are reacting to his death.

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