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Friday, May 24, 2002

Translation, Please: A Blogging Challenge

I haven't seen a full transcript posted on the Web of the embarassing speech delivered by Rev.Sun Myung Moon at the recent birthday party for The Washington Times, the Fox News Channel of newspapers, which Moon founded. English translations of the hour-long speech were made available to attendees, and I would love to see one.

The speech doesn't seem to be on the Washington Times site. In fact, judging from that paper's coverage, you would think the Reverend made the briefest of appearances. It's almost as if the editors were mortified that their supposedly hands-off boss commandeered the podium and undid some of the credibility his paper had garnered over the last two decades. I can't find the speech on Moon's site, either.

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Tolkien's Jews (Continued)

Confirmation from Tolkien himself of this observation that the Dwarves of Middle Earth were Tolkien's Jews. "The dwarves...wouldn't you say that in many ways they remind you of the Jews?", he is quoted as saying in this article. This was written months before mine, but I think I added something to the case.

Not Me

I am not Edward T.Cone, the composer and retired Princeton professor, although he is kin. I am not the preeminent researcher in the field of drug testing. And I'm not the Ed Cone who has a website about being descended from William Cone, from whom I am not descended. I am the journalist Ed Cone who uses the byline Edward Cone.

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