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Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Will Write for Food

Sean Gallagher posted this gloomy-but-accurate rumination on the state of tech journalism even before Goldman Sachs predicted that the software industry isn't coming back this year.  Nothing like a perfect-storm ad recession to remind a working journalist who it is that he really works for.

I think (and hope) we are doing something different and sustainable at Baseline. Ziff Davis seems to like us so far. Baseline is the least vendor-driven, most results-oriented tech book I've ever seen. Our mad-genius editor, TST, has tech journalists reading 10-Ks, including the footnotes. 

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A couple of mentions from Doc Searls. The elders of the blogging tribe are generous with their links, which reinforces the blogging ethos of network building, which is itself critical to the sharing of ideas that makes blogging more than this year's CB radio. Plus it turns out that Doc went to Guilford College right here in Greensboro, and his mom lives in the area and reads the paper for which I write an op-ed column. If Doc comes to town, maybe we could get together for some barbecue.

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I asked a 9/11 widow how the new terror warnings were playing in New York and at her house in particular. Her reply: "Do I give a shit? Didn't the sky already fall on me? Besides, they are talking about terrorists moving into apartment buildings and bombing them. I live in a co-op. They wouldn't get past the board." 

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