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Thursday, November 28, 2002

How to Fry a Turkey

Go into your brother-in-law's back yard. Put five gallons of peanut oil into a large pot, boil over propane heat. Lower turkey very carefully into boiling oil with long broom-handle-like stick held by self and brother-in-law, which stick holds up clothes-hanger-like metal handle of slotted metal plate on which sits the turkey. Watch as steam shoots out the semi-submerged turkey's rear cavity. Lower bird the rest of the way into oil. Stand around in sunshine trying to keep warm. Cook 3.5 minutes per pound. Remove via stick and hanger method. Allow to cool. Dig in.

My sister made an incredible dinner--all the fixings, served at a table set with our grandmother's silver and our great-grandmother's linen. It is the same table Sarah and I ate our Thanksgiving dinners at growing up--she got our grandparents' dining room furniture when they died. I tried to explain to Elijah that having Sarah cook this meal was odd and nice and reassuring to me, that maybe one day he will have Sydney and her family to his house for Thanksgiving, or vice versa, but Elijah seemed more interested in his pumpkin pie.

After dinner, while I was washing dishes at the sink, Luna upchucked a bunch of black, peanut-oil-soaked dirt that she had eaten. This was greeted with good humor by our host and hostess--we are a dog-loving family to be sure. Now it's time for naps and football on TV.

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Many Thanks

We are gathered at my sister Sarah's house in Richmond--the four of us joining Sarah's family of four, my mom and step-dad, and my brother-in-law Marsh's parents, Bob and Barbara...plus four dogs and a cat. This morning Sarah, Marsh, Lisa, and I, along with the four kids, ran a 5K race. It was about 20 degrees or so when we started, but we warmed up quickly. Now we are fixin' to fry us a turkey--a Merriman family tradition since 2001. Sarah bought five gallons of peanut oil, and Bob and Marsh and I will be standing outside to do the deed. We brought a few bottles of Burgundy (a Pommard) up from North Carolina--the perfect wine for fried turkey. Sarah is also roasting a turkey breast the conventional way so we can have stuffing. Last night, Elijah and I stayed up late to watch Carolina upset Kansas, a game well-analyzed by Thad Williamson.

I am thankful for all of the people named above, and for the good health we enjoy; for my friends near and far; for having a job in a bad publishing economy; for the quirks of circumstance that put me and my family in this great, open, flawed country; for every day I am alive.

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